Friday, August 29, 2008

Explain This!

I apologize to my mom and sisters who reportedly check this blog several times a day for updates on the kids. I know I'm slacking. The lack of camera is killing me! It's so hard to write about the funny things the kids say without being able to capture intonation or facial expressions. Like this, for example:

Catie's taken to saying "uh-huh" and "uh-uh" with this sweet little inflection. "Catie, do you want to go see Daddy at work?" "Uh-huh!" (emphasis on "uh" and and tone raised)

Or this...

Catie has seen Will playing Playhouse Disney games on the computer. So now when she walks into the computer room she starts immediately shouting "MOUF!" and pulling the chair around so whomever is sitting there can pick her up and load up Mickey Mouse.

See? It would be so much better if I could post a little video of these things!

1 comment:

Frannie said...

Oh I wish I could hear her little voice say "Uh-HUH!" So cute!!