Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Dave and I went to Will's preschool conference last week. Thankfully, Will is doing very well with his cognitive development- he knows his shapes (as does Catie), colors (Catie too), his letters A-Z (spoken and written, yep, Catie too), the numbers 1-9 (rote counting and written, as does Catie)...

Seriously, the things they asked him to do were things he's been doing for years. And by years, I mean at least half of his life. At least he doesn't seem bored with school!

Will was described as "chatty" during circle time and made best friends with the other chatty boy in class. Apparently they need to be separated at times. You're shocked, I know.


After being (not naggingly) prodded by Mom to get my patootie in shape and post on the blog again, I have decided to do a series of posts today as I think of all the things I've been meaning to post and then forget.

Post #1-

I went out to dinner last night and Dave was home with the kids. He put Catie to bed and let Will stay up for a bit. Dancing with the Stars was on the TV (Dave claims it was because I was DVRing it, but I know he likes to watch it too) and Will was quietly watching it for about 20 minutes. I asked him about it this morning and he told me that he didn't want to watch it at ALL, but his friend Germ (you know, the imaginary friend) wanted to watch so Will had to turn toward the TV so Germ could see it.

I'd like to watch it today, so I'll see if Germ wants to watch with me.

Friday, March 6, 2009


...could be the demise of my blog, if I don't get more proactive!

But speaking of Facebook- you know how I hate that the status updates are in the 3rd person? Well, Catie would fit right in. Lately she's been speaking of herself in mixed tenses, but more in the 3rd person than not. Examples:

"I want to do it by Catie's self!"


"Catie's pooping!"