Monday, August 30, 2010


I am not athletic. As a child I had a short stint in basketball, at which I was allegedly so bad that I felt the need to lie to my parents about my prowess, and I wouldn't have been caught in the lie because- lucky me!- parents weren't allowed to watch...except or the very last game. Where I did NOT live up to my hype. I moved on to t-ball and softball, and while I don't remember a lot about my t-ball days (we wore yellow shirts and named ourselves the Lemondrops, and a cute boy named Levi would come watch sometimes), I do remember some about softball- namely the fact that at the very beginning of the season they tried us at all of the infield positions and then I was settled way out in the outfield. You know why that is, right? Because 7-year-old girls don't hit the ball that far out. In 7th grade I moved to a new school and tried out for the volleyball team. And, oh my goodness, I made the team! Turns out I made the team because I was tall...and that's it. I didn't make it again in 8th grade. I also did a little bit of swimming and had a couple years of dance that didn't turn out too badly because, you see, it's not that I'm not coordinated- I just never really understood the game. My mom wasn't an athlete; my dad wasn't an athlete. We didn't watch football on Sundays or have family games of soccer in the back yard.

I think I could have been a good competitor; while my family is not an athletic people, we do like to win. A lot. We like to win (destroy people) at strategy games (dominoes, spades) and we like to win at grammar and language and spelling. (Yeah, that's a competition. You didn't know that? Ohmygosh, it's horrible to be called out for a spelling mistake! Recently my mom corrected me for saying "lay" where "lie" was needed- mortifying.) We've been accused of always talking about spelling. Which is totally not true- we like to talk about food, too. But I digress...

Dave IS an athlete. He played football and soccer and tennis and baseball. He gets it. And he's good at it. "It" being anything he plays. He's good at sand volleyball and dodgeball even though he's in his mid-30s and doesn't exercise.

So if we were to make a Punnent Square* for athletic ability, with me having the recessive genes (aa) and Dave having the dominant genes (Aa, AA), our kids would have at least a 75% chance of being athletic- possibly 100% if Dave has two dominant genes. Pretty good odds!

Turns out "pretty good" isn't "sure bet". We're pretty sure Will got two recessives. Not that we can say for sure- he's only just started out in his athletic endeavors. He started gymnastics several weeks ago (we really need to work on his core strength!) and just this past Saturday he started playing soccer. We were pleasantly surprised that he did not mope around complaining of being tired. He ran the whole practice. He just ran behind the ball. Way behind the ball. And if he got the ball, he might give it a little kick and that was it.

I do have a little hope. The glimmer of tenacity was there- I totally would have been sitting on the sidelines whining for water. And to be fair, Dave really hasn't worked with him on the game. (It is Dave's job...I can count on one finger the things I know about soccer- kick the ball in the goal.) So there's still hope.

* I started Biology 211 last week. I am SO going to rock the genetics chapters.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

And He's Off!

It doesn't seem like long ago that this guy came into my life.

Such a sweet little guy.

A BIG bundle of adorable.

Oh, wait. That's just a creep with a skeezy moustache.

A big boy with an even bigger vocabulary, who never ceases to amaze me.
(He's about 15 months old in this video)

My baby started kindergarten today.

He was confident, excited, and ready to go. Far more ready to go than I was to let him go. I have to come to terms with the fact that there's now another lady in his life- at least for 35 hours a week.

I know he's going to rock kindergarten. He told me they worked on their shapes today- coloring them. The kid's known his shapes for years. Heck, he quietly debated whether an oyster cracker was an octogon or a hexagon right around age 4...and came to the right conclusion. (I know he's not a super-genius or anything, but a mom's gotta brag once in a while, doesn't she?)

My baby started kindergarten today. He's growing up.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This past weekend we took a family vacation to the Wisconsin Dells with my mom and dad, as well as my younger sister Christina and my niece and nephew (daughter and son to my older sister Kim) Autumn and Jack. We rented a 3-bedroom condo with a full kitchen and 2 bathrooms at Glacier Canyon (part of the Wilderness Waterpark Resort)- plenty of space for the 9 of us for a couple days!

You may think we're crazy for vacationing with all that family, but there are a couple reasons we do it. 1) My family rocks and is tons of fun and appreciates QAT- Quality Ass Time- and wine and cheese, and 2) All that family around means that we can relax a little on vacation because the family likes to play with our kids. I don't recommend this type of space-sharing if you don't have an awesome family like I do.

I know the Dells has a reputation for being cheesy, but I'll tell you what! It was an ideal place for a vacation with two young kids and two older kids and a bunch of adults who like to act like kids. As a matter of fact, we celebrated my mom's mumblemumbleth birthday at the same place, back when it was quite a bit smaller, because she loves waterparks. We came to the conclusion that anyone who doesn't like waterparks is just plain crazy, and we intend to enjoy them to the fullest until we can't take our wheelchairs up the steps to the slides.

Without further ado, here are some pictures I didn't share on Facebook. Maybe some I did share, too.

At the scenic overlook near The House on the Rock, which totally wasn't scenic

Catie has this awesome little swim she does all by herself, with the help of the swim vest

Action shot!

He is in the air! I'm so glad I caught this expression!

Sunning, swimming, and sliding are hard work

Wow Dave...way to conquer those scary slides!

A group of misfits

Action golf shot

A closer look at what Catie was doing. What WAS she doing?

The whole fam

All tuckered out and on the way home

This was after he barfed 3 times...great car ride home, I tell you.

I hope we can convince the family to go again soon. (hint, hint)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Unclear on the Concept

My friend Rachel, Auntie Rachel to the kids, spent the night with us on the way from Denver to Chicago and got to spend a little time with the kids the evening she arrived. Knowing how the kids love/hate Lady Gaga, she told them this joke-

Q: How do you wake up Lady Gaga?
A: Poker Face.

Dave wasn't home at the time, so Will wanted to be sure to tell him the joke. He got the opportunity the next day when Dave took the kids to the zoo. I went like this-

W: How do you wake up Lady Gaga?
D: How?
W: Poke her in the face!


W: How do you wake up Miley Cyrus?
D: How?
W: Jump on her back!

Then Catie got into it-

C: How do you wake up Justin Beaver? (she's so cute)
D: How?
C: I don't know!