Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Background: This is Catie's favorite book at the mo'. She walks around talking about "Ah-ooooh" all day long and will read the book at any time.

So we're leaving the mall this morning and this is the convo I near from the back seat:

Will: There's the Sears Auto Center!
Catie: OTTO!

Will: Not Otto, Catie! Sears Auto Center!
Catie: OTTO!

Will: No, Catie, not Otto. Just Sears Auto.

Catie: OTTO!

(Side note: We've had two Todd Parr books and they're a huge hit! I really should get more.)

(How do I fix this formatting?!?!)


Heather said...

Gotta love those conversations! We have Todd Parr's Silly Shapes and Colors book and that's been a huge hit in our house.

G-Bon said...

"mo" and "convo"--that's how cool people talk, right? Gramma Bonnie