Sunday, May 18, 2008

Getting Our Party On

Our family was invited to a 30th birthday party thrown by a woman who used to work at the courthouse with Dave, Adrienne, for her husband Tanner. I think we were the only ones who brought children (I didn't stay all that long with the kids, so it's possible more kids came later...but I doubt it), but let me tell you, they were a hit! The first thing Will did was pull up a chair and announce, "I want to eat that food!", which elicited giggles from all the people on the patio. Adrienne had made gourmet kiddy food: Fluffernutter sandwiches with Nutella on homemade bread, baked macaroni and cheese bites, adult-style cheese and crackers (peppered goat cheese, Manchego, Roquefort, and pepper crackers), chicken on a stick, fancy sausage in a blanket, fruit skewers...all incredibly delicious. So I got him a plate, and no kidding, he oohed and aahed about how awesome it was practically every bite! Catie was pretty excited about the food too, pushing away everything with a "eeh!" and pointing only to the Fluffernutter sandwich with a "peeeeeee?" (please in Catie-speak)

Pretty soon Will was talking to everyone, but he really took a shining to Tanner. He asked Tanner to play with the stuffed frog with him in the basement. He asked Tanner to play ball in the yard. He looked for Tanner when he wasn't around so he could wish him a Happy Birthday "just one more time". He declared Tanner his best friend.

At one point, I returned to the patio from the house and heard Will talking about "party names". He named someone "Tonky Tonkerson" and then turned to Tanner's boss, a woman who had been talking to Will quite a bit, and declared "Cupcake" to be her party name. I later asked Dave who had brought up party names and he said it was all Will's idea.

When we got home, I asked Will if he likes getting his party on. Of course the answer was "YES!"

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Andree said...

That is hilarious!