Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Wars

Have I mentioned the Star Wars fanaticism that goes on in our house? Will is in LOVE. Everything is Star Wars this and Star Wars that. Even Catie has gotten into it, saying, "I Pincess Lee-ya!" and "That 2TT." ("That's R2D2.")

Dave told me a story that one day Will was asking which movie it was that Leia changes her clothes. Dave was trying to figure out the details and finally asked, "Will, do you want to see Leia in her swimsuit?":

W: NO! Catie does!
D: Will, are you embarassed that you want to see Leia in her swimsuit?
W: I'm embarassed for Catie.*

I'm in trouble.

Anyway, this fascination would seem to be long-lived so we're thinking we'll get Will this awesome Millenium Falcon bedding from Pottery Barn...if it ever goes on sale.

He'll love it. And I'm picturing a Pottery Barn Star Wars bedroom...too cool!

* This situation is reminiscent of the time Dancing With the Stars was on the TV and Will did not want to watch it...he was only facing the television because his imaginary friend Germ wanted to watch.

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