Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things to know:

1) Will has ALL of Dave's old Legos.

2) The Legos include about a jillion little Lego people with a jillion little Lego people heads. They're pretty much everywhere.

3) Lego heads almost all look the same.

4) Will never looks for anything. IF there happens to be something he really loves that he can't find, he whines and tells me he can't possibly find it himself. Those items he loves include his blanket, and, uh, his blanket.

So Catie asked me to put her slippers on her. Shortly after putting them on, she came back to me asking me to take one off. I did, and I put my hand in it to see if there was something in there. I found one little Lego head.

Will came over and said, "I've been looking everywhere for that!"


Heather said...

HA! That is funny. You're going to have to take Will to Legoland someday!

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Sarah said...

LOL! :) Poor Catie's little foot...stepping on toys is sooo unpleasant!