Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Playing Catch-up

I've been meaning to post these videos for weeks. They're of Will and Catie running their respective Beaver Trot races during the annual Beaverdale Fall Festival. I love my children very much but they really don't have grace and speed on their sides.

Don't mind the awful voice of the crazy woman shouting for them. We met her on the street and she insisted on cheering for them while I taped silently. (or something like that) She swears she doesn't sound like that in real life.

Will's sort of in the middle, wearing a dark green, unzipped sweatshirt and dark pants.

Catie's the one in the bright green sweatshirt.

Posts to look forward to:
1) My trip to Chicago to cheer on two of my best high school girlfriends who are running the Chicago Marathon together. Eight of the remaining nine in the group will be there to support them...and definitely NOT run with them. 
2) Will's 6th birthday!


Devon Kinne said...

Oh my :) They look just like my kids do when running, especially Will. The most important thing is they are out there doing it, right? ;)

Curt said...

Katie kind of runs like her grandpa. Poor thing.

Curt said...

Darn it, how do you edit these things. I should check my spelling before I hit enter. I meant Catie.

Kymm said...

I am catching up. I know I say this ALL the time...but they truly are DARLING!!